Why CAP2!?

We speak to the people who make CAP2..CAP2


James. Support

The innovating, the friendly, the amazing company that is CAP2, is not just a company! To me CAP2 is a family, a way of life, a reason to push through the tedious traffic of Bath!

CAP2 is a refreshing and enlightening experience.


Hazel. Developer

I decided to join CAP2 as there was something different about the company, something I saw straight away in my interview. I had never before spent so much time laughing in an interview! They truly are happy people.

CAP2 as a family really live up to the values and I am highly proud to work here.


Aaron. Head of Development

Hi I’m Aaron. CAP2 is the best company I’ve ever worked for, and I love it!! Let me tell you why..

At CAP2, “Happy People, Helpful Software” isn’t just marketing blurb, it’s genuine, born out of the culture we have and the products we develop. My role is to head up our dev team and make sure we keep everything we do, happy and helpful!


Alex. Sales and Marketing Manager

Hi I’m Alex. I love working here, from the very beginning I’ve been able to see the huge potential of CoursePro. Seeing the business grow, and with it our friendly, happy, helpful team, has been an amazing experience and a huge amount of fun!


Sue. Operations Manager and Product Owner

Hi I’m Sue, my favourite thing about working at CAP2 is the people! I’m the Ops Manager which means I get to be part of a fun team who look after our customers! I’m also the Product Owner so I get to work in the Dev ‘Cave’ too!

We are a mixed bunch, from all over the place, yet we fit well together. We care about each other’s happiness, laughs are common and support is always given.


Val. Senior Developer

Hi I’m Val. I like working at CAP2 because I enjoy the work and I love the people I work with. I’m one of the developers so my job is to improve the software by writing new features or fixing bugs!


Kieran. Sales Exec

Hi I’m Kieran and I’m new here! This is a company that I am thrilled to be a part of. I have noticed the highly effective people that thrive with each other, it helps us to provide great service to customers as well as the companies and charities we serve. We want to help everyone around us as well as our own people!


Peter. Senior Developer

love working at CAP2 due to the friendly and awesome people I work with, the challenges and puzzles we get to solve together and the satisfaction of producing a product I can be proud of.


Ben. Support

Hi I’m Ben and have just started working for CAP2. I’ve only been here a month or so, but I have felt immediately welcomed, not only into the team, but into the family, and I really feel I can grow and prosper here.

My role is within the Support department, I’m already enjoying the role and looking forward to getting even more stuck into the job, showing my passion throughout!


Patrick. Senior Developer

As somebody who has experienced a number of workplaces now, I particularly enjoy the caring atmosphere. I appreciate we are also here to do our job and improve a great product and user experience. Being a developer, I feel at the centre of being able to contribute that.


Emma. Support

Hi there I’m Emma. I joined CAP2 to learn more about software and to work somewhere with a lot of customer interaction. The family feel in the team has made my first month or two here really fun and enjoyable!


Karol. Developer

Hi I’m Karol. I like working at CAP2 because I’m getting so many opportunities to learn new stuff and because of the super-friendly environment we have here!


Sam. Trainer

Hi I’m Sam, I love training our new customers, knowing that they’re going to make so much use out of our neat product gives me a real buzz! The team here are lovely and all so considerate for one another, it’s a great place to work!


John. Sales Exec


Hi I’m John, from the moment I was offered the job as Sales Exec here I’ve been very excited. CAP2 is at the forefront of modern sports development and so to be a part of that is a brilliant opportunity.


Daniel. GM

Since our birth in 2009, CAP2 has changed the way Leisure Operators, sports clubs and businesses run their lessons and course programmes and products. Our market-leading software has simply transformed the industry.

I have been a customer of CAP2’s in a business sense and in the parent sense, I use the product weekly with my own kids. So I really do value the product.

As we look to the future our company will have the opportunity to assume an even greater role in the market where our people, customers and products thrive.

I love working at CAP2, and I love the team and everything we do [I really do]. keeping our happy, helpful culture is the most important ingredient to the future at CAP2!