What’s the fuss about!?

CAP2’s General Manager, Daniel Haywood tells us why sports clubs around the country must take advantage of the #TechinSportSurvey.



‘We’ve been working with Swim England and ukactive for some time now, and it has become obvious over the last few years that as an industry, sports courses will really benefit from gaining a meaningful and insightful grip on the way forward. It’s critical that we all look to the future and continue to grow. There are so many exciting opportunities and brilliant people in this industry, we can take a huge step forward by uniting these excellent people in an up to date and all-reaching survey.’



Sports providers are able to map their own future using the #TechinSportSurvey hereĀ until the 3rd of March. The survey will be sent out sporadically across the next few weeks, so make sure you take the time to aid the largest scale, most up to date sports course industry survey that we’ve been involved with.


Take the survey!!