We’re Passionate about Participation



We at Cap2 are passionate about participation in sport.

We want to see more people, young and old, get active and involved in sport.  We believe one of the best ways to do this, is to help Coaches and Teachers have more time to do what they’re good at – teaching sport!

Many of the team at Cap2 come from Sporting backgrounds, which gives us a great insight into the way we can use our market leading product; CoursePro, to the benefit of the Sports Industry.

Our #1 Course Management Solution; CoursePro, aims to help Private and Public Sports Clubs and Leisure Centres by reducing the time and money they spend on admin.

CoursePro does this by utilising a simple interface, innovative new software and Portable Teacher Devices to help registration, customer interaction, pupil assessment, schedule setting, Teacher management and overall Centre administration.

If you’re interested in saving time and money by streamlining the way you administrate your Private/Public Sports Club or Leisure Facility, then get in contact with us at sales@cap2.co.uk.

More info is available at www.cap2.co.uk/coursepro/ and you can view our short video here.