The Importance Of Sport

Latest research shows UK sport stats


We all know the important part that sport plays in a healthy lifestyle. Physical exercise reduces risk of disease whilst delivering long term benefits to the participant.

But as a business, depicting the importance of sport within the economy can be harder to outline.

Recent UKsport stats show just how important sport is to businesses and the wider economy in the UK:

According to UKsport, the value of Olympic and Paralympic sport now stands at £19bn. For perspective, that figure makes Olympic and Paralympic sport larger than entire other sections of the economy, such as the water, agriculture, forestry and fishing industries.

These stats alone show the immense size of the sports industry to the UK economy, and with these stats not including the likes of Golf, Football and Rugby, this figure barely scratches the surface.


So what are we doing to utilise sport’s current position of strength?


Here at CAP2, we’re working with hundreds of sports providers across thousands of locations to ensure the sports sector remains as strong as ever.

Our software enables clubs, leisure centres and course providers the chance to enhance the way they run their business. From a ‘Control Centre’ admin tool that acts as your virtual reception, a ‘TeacherPortal’ assessment and registration tool for your teachers/coaches to use in-class on a phone/ipod/tablet and a ‘HomePortal’ designed to allow parents to catch-up on their child’s progress in-class, CoursePro is the new way for sport to remain at the forefront of technology.

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