The Times They Are A Changin’

Over the last 13 years, many things have changed.

We’ve seen the birth of social media, and the slow death of wires, 4 British Prime Ministers, 3 Football World Cups and the first ever black US President. For all that time, Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal have held a place in the World’s top 4 Men’s Tennis rankings.fednad

But things can’t stay the same forever! This year Nadal and Federer both place outside the top 4. Something we haven’t seen since 2003.

A bit like Nadal and Federer (although not quite so sadly), the Sports Course industry is also changing. Clubs and Leisure Centres are looking for ways to streamline their businesses and provide a greater customer experience. Hence, a huge uptake in CoursePro; the innovative new software that helps with all of this and much more.

Public and Private Sports Clubs and Leisure Facilities have been moving to CoursePro since 2010. It is now used by over 1000 sites worldwide, with more than 1.8 million members/pupils enrolled on the system.

CoursePro is a technical advance in the way Sports Courses are managed. No longer do Clubs and Centres have to work with out-dated techniques for managing their Staff, Pupils and Customers. It’s the ultimate time saver.

Find out more about CoursePro by taking a look at the product page or by watching our short video here. For enquiries, contact us at .

You can read more about Federer and Nadal in this BBC article