The pursuit of happiness


A great story is in the making!

Here at CAP2 we feel like we’re on a bit of a journey. You probably hear us talking about being happy, helpful people quite a lot.. but it’s true!

We actually care, and we’re making a working environment that means we don’t just care about profits. Our team, our customers, our partners, our friends and our family are always considered in every decision we make.

To mis-quote a clever fella called Ted.. ‘Good ideas are worth sharing’. We think a business that puts people first is a business that will last!

Three ideas that you might like.

We’re always looking to give our team more.. Feel free to steal 3 ‘CAP2ey’ things that make us who we are! 

1. The Weekly Natter! 

Can you even call yourself a team if you don’t sit down to a bacon, mushroom or sausage sandwich every Friday morning!? We think not. Each week, we pause, take a moment and have a good ol’ natter over a bit of brunch. 

2. The newbie lunch! 

Look.. it’s not all food related we promise!! But our pizza, burrito or chippie welcoming lunch for each and every new member of the team here at CAP2 is a great ice-breaker.

3. Culture! 

We might like eating here at CAP2, but actually, it’s our values that bring our team closest together. We stick to some really ethical, friendly values. Our motto is.. If you’re not skipping into work, we have a problem!