The leading sports course software: A Tech Takeover

To say technology is taking over the world is now an understatement.

It didn’t take long, but today, to say that Technology is taking over is a thing of the past – the very fact that it has changed the way we communicate, travel, sell, buy, manage, watch, teach and much much more means that Tech is now simply the way of the world.

Technology is impacting every single industry. Of course that isn’t to say that we’re all getting replaced by robots – not yet, but it is arguable that there isn’t a successful industry in the world that hasn’t had to move with the times.

Of course, for Sports Clubs, Leisure Centres, Swim Schools and all other Sport Providers, this poses a huge threat. How do you keep your members and attract new ones when you have so much competition from Games Consoles, TV’s, Computers, Smartphones and more!?

One of the great things about Technology is it’s becoming simpler and simpler. You no longer have to be an expert in the field to make the most of the benefits.

Tech abides by the motto ‘If you can’t beat em, join em’!  Whilst Technology might create challenges that you and your Sports business must face, it also creates exciting opportunities.

CoursePro is one such exciting opportunity. By switching to our market leading software, businesses are moving with the times and taking the era of Technology by the scruff of the neck!

CoursePro is the Technology that is helping 1000s of Sport Providers to compete with more than just the issues caused by Tech spawned activities such as Computer games and Smartphones. The change in the way we interact that has occurred with the growth of technology means that Club communications and reports can seem outdated; CoursePro works to enhance the way Sports Providers work and bring courses into the 21st century.

With this exciting Technological advance in the way Sports Clubs can be run, companies are finding that retention and their overall offering improves. With improved and far more efficient administration using this modern software, automated email/SMS to customers that meets the modern expectations of quick and mass communication, and an interactive way of uploading and marking child attendance, performance and achievements to a personal online site used by your customers are just a few of the many improvements that CoursePro enables for Sports Clubs.  

In the last year more than 1.5 million new members have been enrolled on CoursePro software. With more than 2.6 million members enrolled in total, it means that CoursePro is by far the leader in the Sports Course Technology market.

Making a switch to CoursePro is easy, and becoming increasingly important for companies looking to move forward through the era of Technology and grab the opportunities it invites.

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