Our recent team-building day, out & about in Avon Valley!

You probably have a lot on your mind right now, what with planning barbecues, the Bank Holiday, and maybe even a bit of GDPR on the side…..so here’s something different to take your mind off things, the details behind our latest team-building adventure!


The CAP2 Team-building day out!


Trying something different on our latest team-building day.


We like to change things up and get outdoors – so for our team day out this time around, we thought about doing something different. Team activities are great; whether its building rafts, racing karts or making sure an egg survives falling off a roof, we think they’re a great way to bring people together.


When we came round to planning our latest team day out however, we wanted to have a day without pressure. No challenges or competitions on this one, just family time!


As a result, we set our sights on completing something different – namely, walking the Avon Valley 16 kilometre trail you can see below!


The Avon Valley walking trail.


A few pictures from our walk!


The sun came out, and whilst hiking up hills, walking beside canals & ambling through meadows, we chatted away and got to know each other a little better.


We think it was a great way to spend a team day slightly differently; and getting lost once or twice was all part of the plan!


Here’s a few snapshots from our walk, taken whilst we ambled & explored:


Whilst challenges and competitions can be great fun, we really think our different day out helped bring us closer together.


Got an idea for our next team day out? Tweet it at us @theCAP2team! The craziest idea we’ve had suggested so far is ‘Duck Herding’…let us know if you can beat it!