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Control Centre

The Control Centre is your Squash club’s virtual reception. From here, you can manage:

  • Set Up
  • Bookings
  • Member Management
  • Reports
Teacher Portal

Teacher Portal is your instructors’ court-side device, giving them easy access to:

  • Mark Registers
  • Assessments
  • Movements
  • Teaching Plans
  • Medical Alerts
Home Portal

Home Portal is your parent’s online site. Their personal account allows them to review:

  • Weekly Progress
  • Online Payments
  • Progression Movements
  • Course history

CoursePro and MT Academy
Case Study

MT Academy

Find out how we support MT Academy at their Abbeydale Squash Club site.

CoursePro has recently been introduced to one of the world’s most famous Squash Clubs.

Abbeydale Squash & Fitness Club is world renowned, having held the British Junior Open (the World Championship equivalent) 22 times. The forward thinking club, based in Sheffield, work hand in hand with MT Academy to deliver a highly successful junior squash programme. We caught up with the man in charge of the programme, Mark Tasker.

CoursePro has recently been introduced to one of the world’s most famous Squash Clubs.

‘Here at MT Academy we provide squash coaching for youngsters aged 3-18 of all levels and abilities. We really work within two sectors, the first side of our coaching concentrates on the kids who want to enjoy playing squash for fun, and for them, it’s all about helping them to fall in love with the game. The other side of our work is all about development and performance, and helping those talented players to reach the next level.’

‘We’ve got over 100 juniors playing every week and we’re really looking at growing and developing the business. We started off with just 4 sessions being provided for a small number of children, that’s grown in the last 2 years to now encompass 16 sessions every week.’

‘A lot of the promotion we do is around schools, we try to offer lots of taster sessions to children in the local area. We tend to find that a lot of the kids haven’t even heard of Squash before we come in, so it’s a completely different challenge to that of getting children into the Swimming or Football or Tennis environment.’

Mark’s decision to begin using CoursePro was an easy one!

‘CoursePro had many selling points to us. We’ve been growing so much recently that we wanted to bring modern tech into our operation. Previously the receptionists were having to deal with all the bookings, payments and a mass of admin; they had a huge workload. The way that the system manages payment, automatically updates itself, cuts out admin work and generally improves the club is great.’

‘I’m a big fan of the mobile Teacher Portal device. It means we can deliver a great USP to our customers and parents.’

Mark sees great opportunity for clubs similar to his to also take the leap forward and join the CoursePro revolution!

‘The improvement that CoursePro can make, not just to your admin side, but also to your retention rates and just generally making things easier is massive. For us, it’ll enable a more consolidated, reliable customer base because we’re not just living week to week, but we’re actually able to plan long-term. ‘

‘For clubs like us, managing the numbers and admin side is a big deal. Bringing in CoursePro is going to help us grow and whilst we’re given more time to develop the business and bring in more students, we’ve always got that knowledge that our system can cope with it – no matter how big we get, CoursePro can manage it for us!’

We’re delighted to be working with Mark and the team. We’re thrilled to continue helping in the drive to get more people playing Squash!

MT Academy

MT Academy

MT Academy