Springfit; Entrepreneurial endeavour.

To celebrate CAP2’s birthday, we’re paying tribute to entrepreneurship, after all, without our two young entrepreneurs, Ross and Pete, CAP2 would never have been born!

What better way to do that, than with the very people who keep CAP2 the no.1…. our fantastic customers. We hear some of our most entrepreneurial customers’ stories this week!


Springfit; Adam Reynolds


Today’s entrepreneurial CAP2 story comes from Adam Reynolds. Adam is a CAP2 customer who self-started Springfit, a Gymnastics and Trampolining club in 2007 and has gone on to great success, with multiple sites set-up throughout his home county of Surrey. Having taught thousands of children and adults, his experience and entrepreneurial story rings true with the important core values we hold here at CAP2.

Before starting Springfit, Adam had been heading up a very different path:


‘I worked in IT for seven years before deciding the office environment was not for me and that I needed to provide something more worthwhile to the local community. I wanted to promote a healthy activity and make it accessible. Trampolining and gymnastics were the perfect activities to be doing this with.’

Adam didn’t always see himself as the entrepreneur type!

‘Not at all. Like many young adults, I never knew what I wanted to do, but finding my path was an adventure in itself. When opportunities present themselves, I make a point of not shying away from them.

For me, perseverance and a passion for your field of work is what makes a good entrepreneur. The road is long, the way is hard and the more you try the less you find it difficult. If you have a passion for what you do, it will make it easier to keep on trying.’

Starting a business isn’t always plain sailing though. Springfit, like many start-ups had some bumps along the way!

‘The learning curve to achieve success is quite steep and full of mistakes. With hindsight these are both necessary and frustrating. Achieving your goals can cost you time, money and relationships, but each hurdle overcome is a personal and professional reward.’

Many businesses find themselves evolving over time. But Adam feels Springfit’s strong mentality and ethos has remained a constant.

‘I was lucky enough to have been trained by a great Club with a brilliant mission for fun and friendly recreational activities. I bought into this philosophy since the start and it has proved to be a popular niche, serving the needs of many children and adults.’

Here at CAP2, Ross and Pete (our intrepid entrepreneurs), started the business in their own, unique and friendly style. Adam’s stance is similar, something he feels is vital to the entrepreneurial spirit.

‘I don’t really model myself on anyone in particular. I think it’s important to be yourself as that will get you further than trying to put a false personality on, and will certainly make sure you enjoy what you’re doing. When you work for yourself there is no ‘work mode’ as you are always switched on to the needs of your business. I definitely take some of the advice and words of wisdom from successful business owners and managers though. I’d be mad not to!’

Another similarity between CAP2 and Springfit is that both wanted to be unique! Adam’s vision for Springfit, like Ross and Pete’s, was to make his business completely different to anything else out there.

‘Having knowledge of the market and your competitors will always be useful, however I try to make sure our business model has a different approach to what other people are doing. That will give you an edge, and creativity in development of a company allows you to put your own stamp on what you do.’

We’re very sport driven here at CAP2. With over 60% of our team heralding from sporting backgrounds, it’s no surprise that we’re a big part of the sports industry. But of course, we’re big on tech too. Springfit use CoursePro to its fullest, and Adam believes moving into the modern tech era is important for any successful business.

‘Tech itself is usually synonymous with efficiency, progress and innovation. All these are traits that a winning business will need to be striving for; to keep ahead of the game and evolve. To not embrace the benefits that technology provides would leave a business extremely deprived.’

Adam’s vision, drive and ability to move forward with tech has helped the business to flourish, but it’s his team’s development that he’s most proud of.

‘I consider the recruitment, training and ongoing achievements of our trampoline and gymnastics coaches our biggest success. Springfit has provided careers to over a dozen people, most of whom were ex-gymnasts or parents who saw what a rewarding job it is to teach others the benefits of our activities. Investing in people brings it’s own rewards and allows the business to grow, so it’s really worthwhile.’

We’re constantly driving forward ourselves here at CAP2. Our software never stops evolving and neither do we; a similar approach to Springfit:

‘Our future? Empowering people to utilise the success of our business model will further our ambition to help get as many people involved in trampoline and gymnastics activities as possible. We have just begun to franchise which will mean Springfit Clubs can pop up everywhere!!’

A big thanks to Adam for his time in speaking with us! As we say happy birthday to CAP2, we’d like to say a huge thank you to our customers like Adam who have helped to turn Ross and Pete’s light-bulb moment 8 years ago, into a happy, helpful and market leading business.


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