The Cap2 Team has signed up for Sport Relief 2016

As part of our new year’s resolution to get fitter, the Cap2 team have signed up for Sports Relief 2016.Sports Relief 2016

However, which sport should we do?  In the team we have a triathlete, folks that run half & full marathons and even a sailor. Plus one or two who consider typing a physical activity!

So what could we do to raise money for this great cause?

Well, considering most of you spend your time in and around swimming pools, we thought swimming should be our team sport!  To that end, Daniel, in his wisdom (or craziness!!) has registered us for the 5km swimathon!!!
Click Sport Relief Giving Page to see proof that we have entered (we’re not fishing for donations, promise!!)

Any advice you may have as a swim teacher or one who works closely with lots of swim teachers, would be greatly appreciated.

Training starts soon!