Schools Programme Manager

School Programmes can be tricky. 

It’s hard to organise them, it’s hard to manage them and it’s hard to report on them.

It’s why we at Cap2 have created Schools Programme Manager. It’s a new purchasable bolt on option for CoursePro customers that makes running lessons for schools a whole lot easier!

Whether a school is using your staff or your facilities, this product revolutionises the way programmes run. If you’re looking for a way to make your school programmes more efficient, whilst improving the quality of service you provide, Schools Programme Manager really does make a massive difference.

  • Drag & drop a list of the students directly into their groups
  • Create multiple classes in one step with Save & Multiply
  • Send reports to the school/organisation showing students progress and attendance
  • Pre-assign levels to students OR allow teachers to assign levels at poolside/court-side etc
  • Use Portable Devices to record registers and progress
  • Teachers can view medical conditions in class


Schools Programme Manager. No more school programme headaches.

To book a free demo, or speak to our team about Schools Programme Manager request contact us here.

Alternatively, you can email us at


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