Sam’s seasonal CoursePro top tips – week 1!

The tinsel is out, the tree is nearly through the front door and the seasonal stuffing has just been frozen. It can mean only one thing.. it’s nearly time for you know what…

The beginning of the new January term!!

To make sure all you happy CourseProers are ready for year 2018, our excellent Trainer Sam, takes you through her top tips every week until Christmas.

Her weekly blog will feature lots of help and guidance on all things CoursePro!

Let the festivities begin!

Hi everyone, thanks for taking a look at my weekly blog. Hopefully by reading my top tips, you might learn something new about CoursePro and be able to rest even more assured over Christmas that the new year will bring continued success for your business!

This week, I’m going to focus on GDPR. The new Data Protection Act.

I wanted to kick off my blog section with the changes that will be impacting you. In the coming weeks, we will start asking you for your URL name and user login before we can access your account when answering your phone calls – so please be ready for this and get into into the habit as it’s here to stay!

GDPR will be enforced from 25 May 2018. It affects all organisations that hold personal data on EU citizens, regardless of where the organisation is based in the world.

Start Taking Action

The consequences of a data breach can be severe. Potential fines under the GDPR range up to €20m or 4% of worldwide, annual turnover – whichever is higher.

We have a great project team here at CAP2, working continuously to put systems in place in order to keep CoursePro as a product up to date, in accordance with the new GDPR regulations.

To give you a little more detail on the new data protection regulations, we’re working hard our end to ensure it’s all simple for you.

We, as ‘Data Processors’ will be making changes to the software to ensure you as ‘Data Controllers’ have a compliant system. We are focusing on all the aspects of the regulations that will impact you, mainly including;

– Consent – A new User Interface will be added where Consent will need to be taken at Point of Sale. This can then be managed if the customer wishes to change their level of consent. We will be also looking at some tools to help you communicate to your existing customers about consent.

Right to be forgotten – We will ensure there is functionality for a customer to be forgotten from the system. Our current thinking is there information will still be in the database for reporting etc but the information will be anonymised.

By the way, we’ve decided to donate our seasonal card budget to charity this year, you can check out the charity here!

I’m more than happy to be contacted via email if you have further questions at .

Thanks everyone!