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CoursePro was first launched into Rugby thanks to Pilkington Recs. You can read why they chose CoursePro below!

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Control Centre

The Control Centre is your Rugby club’s virtual reception. From here, you can manage::

  • Set Up
  • Bookings
  • Member Management
  • Reports
Teacher Portal

Teacher Portal is your coaches’ pitch-side device, giving them easy access to:

  • Mark Registers
  • Assessments
  • Movements
  • Teaching Plans
  • Medical Alerts
Home Portal

Home Portal is your parent’s online site. Their personal account allows them to review:

  • Weekly Progress
  • Online Payments
  • Progression Movements
  • Course history

Pilkington Recs
Case Study

Rugby Crest

Pilkington Recs Amateur Rugby League Club

It’s always a privilege to welcome in new types of sports club to the CAP2 family. To make matters even more thrilling, our first ever Rugby League Club couldn’t be much more prestigious!

Pilkington Recs, based in St Helens, Merseyside are a well-known and highly successful club, giving the chance for players aged 4 through to adult to love the game.

We spoke to John Rees and Neil Belshaw; Head Coach and Head of Youth at Pilkington respectively.

John took us through the club’s current stats and mission: ‘We currently have over 220 junior players playing for Pilkington. Our entire ethos is based around being a family friendly club, and it’s really our aim to take youngsters into the sport, and give them the chance to participate.’

‘We’re a little different to other clubs, of course we’d love all of our teams to win in the matches they play, and invariably they do, but for us, if the kids are enjoying playing, that’s job well done, and nothing beats that.’

Pilkington are the first Rugby Club in the country to take on CoursePro’s unique approach to modern sports course management, that forward vision from John, Neil and their team is evidence of their commitment to drive the sport into the future.

Neil feels CoursePro can play a big part in that future.

‘I think CoursePro will massively benefit the club; being the only Rugby League Club in the country to use the software is a big positive for us and will give the club some good publicity. It will massively help in allowing our parents to monitor the development of their child throughout their time with us, and will also be a fantastic tool for our coaches. CoursePro will help our team to identify specific areas to focus on with individual players and their teams. Having these tools in place will drive the club forward and help develop our players and coaches, as well as attracting new club members over the coming years.’

John was first impressed by CoursePro having seen it in action from the parent perspective.

‘My daughter swims at a local swim school and so I had the opportunity to use CoursePro’s Home Portal where parents can review the achievements, assessments and class history of their child. I thought it just fitted brilliantly with what we’re trying to do here. As Neil mentions, by restructuring the way we assess our players and revamping the way we work, we are looking to increase participation and really help to work on the individual development and progression of each player.’

‘We’re now able to help improve the skills of our players using a modern approach, and so this can only help to increase the participation rates. We want people to look at our club and know that the players are getting the right education.’
Pilkington will not only benefit from using Home Portal (their parent’s online site) and the Control Centre aspect of CoursePro (enabling improved admin) but they’ll also make great use of Teacher Portal, something that will help Neil’s bespoke level criteria to be fully implemented through tech.
‘Each age group from Cubs (ages 4-6) through to under 18’s have a level that they should be working at. Each level contains 9 different competencies that are crucial in developing as a Rugby League player. The younger age groups focus on the core skills such as passing, catching, tackling and movement skills. These are developed up through the ages, so the older ages are focusing on specific things like positional understanding, tactical knowledge and team play. The players will be regularly assessed against the levels set to their age groups and when they have achieved ‘good’ in all 9 competencies, they will receive a reward and so will be able to move up to the next level. They can then begin learning the more advanced skills in the next level. This fits in fantastically with the CoursePro framework as it’s really easy to track and monitor progress throughout the levels.’
John sees this fit as an important step for the club.
‘I think it’s fair to say that sport across the board has to work hard to retain members and improve participation. For us in Rugby League, you tend to find that the mainstay of participants are those who come from a family with a background in the sport, and so we rarely get players coming from non-Rugby League backgrounds. We want to change that and open our sport out to a wider field of people.’ The pair are positive for the future of Rugby League and John believes targeting increasing Pilkington’s team-size per age group in the near future is a very achievable goal.
‘I feel positive for the future of the sport, currently we’ve got a lot of restructuring going on at the top and it makes for a fresh new outlook. Rugby League’s local leagues and grass roots level is brilliant and that gives you great inspiration that we can develop. We’ve currently got around 16 or 17 players per team, and we’d love to see that grow into 22+.
‘We’d like to thank John, Neil and the team at Pilkington Recs for their time and help with this case study. Their forward looking approach for the game is hugely exciting and we couldn’t be more pleased to be working with them!
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