Our charity of the year: the Pituitary Foundation!


We’re really pleased to announce our charity of the year for 2019, the Pituitary Foundation!



The CAP2 team have done plenty of small fundraising events in the past, so as you can imagine, we’re excited to take our passion to the next level with a year-long goal!


Why the Pituitary Foundation?


The Pituitary Foundation aims to help and support people across the UK that have been affected by pituitary conditions; including patients, their relatives, friends, and carers.

With just ten members of staff, they’re a small charity that relies upon volunteers and public donations to get the job done.

There are a wide variety of disorders, conditions and diseases related to the Pituitary Gland; that tiny organ we all have just below our brain!

Just the size of a pea, it’s sometimes called the ‘master gland’, circulating hormones across the body and stimulating other glands to produce theirs. As a result, if anything causes it to work incorrectly, the knock-on effects can be devastating (as you can probably imagine).


A picture of the Pituitary Gland's position in the brain.

Image courtesy of the Pituitary Foundation.


Our goal for 2019


In 2019 we’re hoping to raise £2000 for the foundation, along with our sister company and fellow office-sharers TRP!

The office is buzzing with ideas of what we can do to raise money, spread the word about the great work of the charity and help them have a super successful 2019; their 25th anniversary year!

We’ll be getting up to all sorts of events and challenges, so keep an eye on this blog (or follow us on social media) if you want to keep track of our progress.

…we may have cheated a little as well, with our pre-New Year arts & crafts session:


Our arts & crafts bauble-making session, to raise funds for the Pituitary Foundation!

Andreea showed off her creative flair by running a bauble-making session to kick off our fundraising activities!


How you can get involved!


Our MD, Daniel Haywood, has started off 2019 in style. He’s agreed to shave his hair into a Mohican if we reach just £250 by the end of the month!

We’re already at £230, so if you’d like to contribute, check out our donation link below (remember, all to a good cause! And we’ll share the pictures of course…).


Our fundraising page – https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/cap2


Finally, we hope you enjoy our monthly updates as we aim to smash our target!

Got a great idea, or a challenge we can get involved in? Want to get involved directly, as part of the wider CAP2 family?

Tell us! Tweet @theCAP2team or drop us a message at hello@cap2.co.uk with your thoughts.



Who Are Jonas Software?


Jonas Software is the parent company of CAP2 and TRP.

Other companies within the health & fitness group include GladstoneXn LeisureJonas FitnessMember Solutions97 DisplayEZFacilityeFit FinancialFrontline SolutionsAuthentic8CentamanMiGymInnoSoftSignMeUpPike13, and EZ-Runner.

Together as a group, we’re aiming to raise £25,000 for the Pituitary Foundation!!