Payment Plans Explained

For every different price you charge you will need a payment plan option.  These can be grouped into Payment Plans so they are easier to maintain and can be used to filter Contact Triggers
(e.g. Putting all your price options for adults in to one Payment Plan allows you to send a trigger just to members using that plan that you can address “Dear Member Name”, instead of Dear Parent/Guardian of Member Name).

Go to Payment Plans for more detailed instructions.

Things to consider when creating a payment plan (price) option:

  • How to easily group them in a payment plan
  • What determines the price (i.e. in what situations is it offered)
  • How to limit the amount of prices that are displayed when booking (helps to reduce user error).

For each payment plan option choose:


Choose whether this price is available to your members online.


Choose how many sessions a member can buy with this option.  You can choose more than one number, i.e. 6, 12, 18 sessions).
Leave blank if using Fixed End Date as CoursePro calculates how many sessions are in the term.

Prices and Dates

Enter the price PER session (class).   CoursePro can also handle a price change at a specific date, just add an end date to your current price and add a new price with a start date.

You can restrict when a price appears for a member by the following criteria:

Regions, Centres, Courses and Levels

You can specify that a price is only available in a region, at certain centres, on particular courses or only at certain levels.
For example, if you run different centres that have different prices or Stage 8, 9 and 10 are more expensive.

Class Size

In the Size Constraints Section, you can specify that this price is only available to classes with a certain capacity.
For example, 1 to 1s, 2 to 1s or maybe you have classes with a maximum of 4 members that are more expensive than the ones with 8.

Length of a Class

You can make a price depend on the duration of the class in the Duration Constraints Section.
For example, 30 minute classes and 60 minute classes having different prices.

Prices that are only available to certain members

You can ensure that a price only appears for certain members by using memberships.  This is useful if you have member and non-member prices.


Do you offer staff discounts?  Maybe sibling discounts? 
In the Discounts section, you can specify a discount by:

  • Free
  • Percentage of the price per session
  • Monetary, a certain amount of money off per session
  • A different price altogether



You can also add a membership to a discount to ensure it’s only available to certain members.
In the example (above), staff get a 10% discount.