Our Summit Success!

Last Thursday’s CoursePro Customer Summit may have been the very first of its kind for the team here at Cap2, but its success has already sparked conversations about the next one!

The day was organised into 4 different sections:

  • A fun welcoming game with coffee and refreshment
  • Entertaining and informative talks from 4 of the team on different & new CoursePro aspects
  • More Coffee! Followed by a CoursePro Workshop aimed at exploring the development process
  • And a networking/Question & Answer session, followed by more refreshment and lunch!

Cap2 GM Daniel Haywood eagerly awaits the entrance of the day’s guests.

The day began with a light hearted game of ‘Guess the film’, where the 25 attendees were tasked with reading each others minds; a pretty scary ice breaker come to think of it!!



Next up, the CoursePro guests were given special insight into a wide variety of CoursePro knowledge. Talks from 4 of the team covered topics such as; new opportunities and future add-ons, improving your current use of CoursePro, learning about the development process and much much more.


We even managed to rope in Nathaniel Birkett, Head of The Swim Specialist, to perform the role of our glamorous magician’s assistant!

The Customer Workshop element of the day was a roaring success, giving the guests the chance to work through new CoursePro opportunities and put into practise their problem solving skills! The Customers were asked to work together as teams to try to add their insight into the way forward for CoursePro developments.



Before the day came to a close, more than an hour of time was devoted to networking opportunities. Customers could gather tips and advice from their peers, whilst the Cap2 team also worked the room, helping to answer any and all questions that the attendees had.



We’ve received some lovely feedback from so many of the customers who attended the event. We’re pleased to announce that having sent out an NPS Survey at the end of the day, we’ve received a score of 82, meaning the majority of our customers scored the day as an 8/10 or better! (This is far higher than the industry average).


Sam White, GCL – ‘It was really great to meet the team and to hear about the new ideas. I thought the workshop was a great idea to help us as companies understand how much thought you put into even small changes. It has definitely given some food for thought. Thanks guys really well organised hope you put some more on in the future.’

Chris Rockall, Northampton Leisure Trust – ‘I found the summit beneficial, it allowed me to meet other users and bench mark both our sessions and the way CoursePro is used. Meeting the Cap2 team and putting a face to the names was useful. It was very relaxed and informative and I would suggest to anyone that they should attend.’


We’d like to thank every single guest for attending the day. We hugely enjoyed our very first Summit, and are already in planning for the next one. We’ll keep all customers updated with news on our next event and are glad to hear any of your suggestions at marketing@cap2.co.uk.