Our newest recruit!

A bit like London Buses, we wait for a few months to select our new additions to the Cap2 team, and then two appear in the space of just a few weeks.

After introducing Sam Holcombe last time around (our new Customer Relationship Consultant), this week it’s the turn of our new QA Analyst Tracy Bennett!

After growing up in Bristol, Tracy has thus far spent the majority of her career at Virgin Mobile (interestingly the same company that Sam also spent a number of years at). Tracy moved to Warminster in sleepy Wiltshire for the peace and tranquility that her motorbikes were after! Tracy’s love for Motorbiking means that the 5 bikes that sit in her garage at home have become part of the family! Apt not only because Tracy’s cousin was famous professional Grand Prix motorcyclist Bill Ivy, but also because family is exactly the reason she came to Cap2.

‘One of the main reasons I was so excited to join Cap2 was because of the friendly family atmosphere here. It was the first thing that hit me during my interview. The happy environment was exactly what I was looking for.’

‘I’m really pleased to be here, and am really looking forward to continuing the Cap2 culture. I like to be honest with customers and keep a great rapport. I love how quickly the company is growing and am very enthusiastic about the future progression we can make to the product and for the customers.’

So what’s Tracy’s job!? QA Analyst is a bit of a scary job title, practically, it means she’s responsible for trying to break everything that the Cap2 team develop! It means that the development work the team do is quality assured, something that Tracy is excited to be involved with;

‘It’s a great product and really you can see how vital it is to the customers, I can’t wait to get started!’

Welcome to the team Tracy!