A new term. A new CAP2

What better way for the happy people here at CAP2 to celebrate the beginning of the new school and sports course year than to introduce our exciting new identity!



The Elephant in the room!

Did you know

The average wild elephant will walk more than 50 miles every day. That means the speediest of elephants could have walked more than 145,000 miles since CAP2’s conception in 2009; the equivalent of 5.8 times around the world!

Our Journey

Now, we can’t profess to have travelled that far on foot! But here at CAP2, we’re on a mission; our journey has taken us from the back of a small leisure centre in Taunton, to the front and centre stage of the software market, with more than 3 million members enrolled into sport using CoursePro across over 1400 sites worldwide!


Ok, so we’re on a journey, but why Elephants?

We think our brand represents more than just software. An elephant never forgets and neither will we! Our core values are at the forefront of our identity.


Won’t you join us!?

We’d love to receive your support for our new brand on social media. If you’ve got anything nice to say about our fun loving new logo, we’d love you to say hello using the tag @theCap2team on Twitter and Facebook. #allnewCAP2


Do you need our new logos?

If you use our old logo within your business or would like to receive a copy of our new elephants, please get in touch with Rob on robert.howes@cap2.co.uk and he’ll happily provide you with our new branding.

Thank you for your support