New teammates to cap off the year!


Our new teammates!

With just a week to go until the big day, three items on our Christmas list have already been filled…..We’re pleased to announce our new teammates here at CAP2!

Let us introduce Andreea, Lizzie and Eddy; all joining this December. Together they’ll be working on your favourite course management software to make your life quicker and easier in 2019.


Our Christmas photo!

Last week’s Christmas Jumper day! (Along with our sister company, TRP)


Andreea Gray, Product Owner.

Andreea joins us as our new Product Owner, having just moved to Bath from London. She lives with her life-partner…….Merlot, a very French feline! (And her husband, I guess we should include that too?)

Our 4th new teammate...Merlot the cat!

Merlot on his way to our Christmas Party! (Wonder what the coach driver thought of the meowing…)

Previously Andreea worked in a large IT group, and looked at CAP2 as an opportunity to really make a difference, rather than being a cog in a larger machine!

Enjoying arts, crafts and design, if Andreea doesn’t know how to make something, she’ll figure out a way; just the kind of attitude we like to see in someone shaping CoursePro’s future.

Outside of leading the ideas here, Andreea has a passion for charitable causes and social enterprises. She is involved with charities such as Hospices of Hope and the Honeypot Children’s Charity, and we know this passion will fit right in with our team.

We’re looking forward to getting involved with some more great causes thanks to her!


The first of our new teammates, Andreea!

Andreea’s best impression of a Christmas Elf!


Eddy Graham, Sales & Accounts Executive.

Eddy spent the bulk of his career in London working in Telecoms, but after moving to the south-west a couple of years ago, has focused on his wife, young son, and family life in general. So he’s swapped ‘the big smoke’ for national trust weekends, tending to his allotment, and indulging his passion for cooking…sounds good to us!


The second of our new teammates, Eddy!

Eddy with his wife and son!

Attracted to CAP2 by our values and aims, Eddy would love to play a part in getting more kids active, and has a passion for health & well-being. He says if he could “help a club to deliver just a single extra lesson a week”, he’d consider that noble and satisfying. Though we’re sure he’ll do more than that!

As a result of a shoulder operation, Eddy’s been forced to put Golf to one-side for a while; but apart from family life he enjoys reading and flight simulations. If he had a weekend to himself, he’d love to do a track-day, or even try base jumping!

Eddy may have just joined, but we can see he’ll fit in really well here. We can’t wait to kick-off our 2019 plans with him!


Lizzie Owen, Operations Manager.

Last but not least of our new teammates, Lizzie also comes from the Telecoms industry, with over 17 years experience across multiple organisations in London. With her family based locally in Trowbridge, Lizzie decided it was time for a change from the commute!

Attracted to us by our staff satisfaction and values, Lizzie will be leading our support and operations department here in Bath. She lives just half an hour away, with her Son, Nephew, and Labradoodle, as well as a ‘senile grey cat’…her words not ours!


Third of the new teammates, Lizzie!

Introducing Lizzie, our new Ops Manager!

Lizzie enjoys taking her dog for longs walks, and if she could, would spend all her time outdoors & in the elements. Something we can certainly sympathise with! When asked, she described herself as clumsy and liable to laugh at the ‘wrong time’…but those are just internal criticisms! Lizzie has already slotted into the team perfectly, and it’s great to watch her getting to grip with all our customers & their needs.


The CAP2 team

We hoped you enjoyed this introduction for our three new teammates! They’ll be working hard to bring you improvements in the new year, and they’re only a phone call away.

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