New Features Released Today

We have released version 2.10.4 today which contains some new features:

Disable Contact Triggers

Have you ever wanted to stop a trigger sending, just for an hour or so? Maybe you wanted to delete a day of classes but not send your members the “After a Class has been Cancelled” email.

Now you can…. just disable the trigger, do the task you need to do and re-enable it when you are ready.
Click How to Disable a Contact Trigger to see how.Note: You must be using New Contact Triggers for this.


Two New Reports

Duplicate Members Report

Check if anyone has been added more than once to your system.

KickeScreen Shot 2016-07-11 at 16.51.44d Off Members Report

See a list of members who have not paid before the end of their last session/term.

Just go to Reports and click Launch Reports (or click Try New Reports if you still have old reports enabled)
And choose either from the drop down menu of reports.

Please Note: We no longer support Old Reports so cannot gaurentee the data is correct, please contact if you are unsure.


Teachers last name can now be displayed on HomePortal

The surname of the teacher can now be displayed in HomePortal.   Note: you must ask us to turn this on for you.  Email


Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 17.10.03


Fixed Term Date Definitions

If you are running Fixed End Date Classes, it can be a headache creating or extending/copying classes and getting the dates for the new term correct.
You can now create a list of the terms that you can choose from when creating or extending/copying classes to prevent mistakes.
Go to Fixed Term Date Definitions for more.
Note: This feature must be enabled for you, please contact


Extend or Copy Classes made clearer

Back in March, we released a new way of working with Fixed End Date courses, allowing you to copy a term without the new term being connected to it.  We have now changed the wording on this to make it clearer when you are copying or when you are extending your classes.
Go to Extend or Copy a Fixed End Date Course to see how.