New Features Available Today

The Overview Screen

Added an option to the overview screen to see “members in session” instead of “members in class” on classes.
This is useful if you use Planned Absences and, while there isn’t a space in the class, there is in this particular session.
Also if you have a member booked into the class but they are not starting for a couple of weeks, this will show the space in the weeks before they join, for example without the box ticked the number in the corner of the class Is 3.  There are 3 spaces in the class going forward.  With it ticked it changes to 4, i.e. there are 4 spaces on Mon 8th Feb.

Extending Fixed End Date Courses

A new function has been added to how new terms are created in Fixed End Dates.
Whereas previously, when you extended the dates it was linked to the previous term, it is now possible to make a new term using the classes of the previous term without any link to the members/teachers etc. of the previous term.When you go to Settings/Courses and select Courses on the right, click on the Extend Dates button.
Under where you enter the new start and end dates there are two options.  When you select one, it will change to green (as below).
Option 1: Extend dates within class

This is how Fixed End Date classes work at the moment.  The new tern will be linked to the current term, i.e. changes in the current term will affect the new term (e.g. changing the teacher of a class) and the current members will have spaces held in the new term.

Option 2: Create new classes

With this option, you create a new term that is NOT connected to the old one.  It uses it as a template but is not linked to it.  Therefore changes in the current term will not affect the new term and there are no held spaces.

Deleting Classes

When deleting a class, a user now has 3 options:

  1. Delete – The class cannot have members booked into it with this option:
    • It will remain on the overview screen
    • You will not be able to book into it
    • It will appear on member’s records
    • It will not appear on reports
  2. Completely Delete – This removes all active members from the class and gives them a course balance if necessary
    • It will be removed from the overview screen
    • You will not be able to book into it
    • It will appear on member’s records
    • It will not appear on reports
  3. Cancel – To cancel the delete.

HomePortal Automatic Registration

Please click HomePortal Automatic Registration Guide (PDF 1.4MB) for more information about this.
You will need to read this document before turning on this feature as there is a link that will need to be added to your contact triggers.

NOTE:  You must be using New Contact Triggers for this feature.

NOTE: This feature must be enabled by the Cap2 team.  Email or simply reply to this email to turn this feature on.