New Contact Triggers

Benefits of New Contact Triggers



Resend Triggers

How often do your staff hear “I never received that email”?
Now they can go to a member’s personal profile, click on View Log.  Find the relevant log entry and tick the grey triangle.  They can then view or resend the message.


There Are More Triggers

  • After a class has been cancelled
  • X days in advance of a cancelled class
  • After being added to a Waiting List
  • After being removed from a Waiting List
  • After signing up to HomePortal

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SMS Triggers

You can send notifications to your members straight to their phones as a text message.  This is perfect for cancelled classes!
Contact for more information about SMS Triggers.



Allows you to set some conditions under which a trigger is sent.
There are two types of conditions:

1. ALL – Allows you to set several conditions of which all must be met before the trigger will send
2. ANY – Allows you to set several conditions of which any can be met in order to send the trigger.

Choose a condition type, an operator and a value and click the Add button.

An example of a useful conditions is, if you run classes for both adults and children, you can create 2 different “X sessions before payment runs out”.

One with the condition type “Member Age”, operator “is more than” and value 18.  You can begin the email with Dear {{First.Name}}, see below.



The other with the operator set to “is less than” and value 18. You can begin the email with Dear Parent/Guardian.

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Send Triggers to Teachers

You can set a trigger to send to teachers.  For example, Add another action to your “After booking on a class” trigger and when a member books on to a class, the teacher of that class gets an email to tell them they have a new student.


Format and Preview your Email

You can format your email, adding bold, font colours, bulleted lists etc.
You can also preview your email so you can see how it will look before you send it.


NOTE: We will be disabling old triggers in the coming months so please start to use new triggers asap.

If you need help converting your old triggers to new, contact

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