New ASA Awards for Babies and Toddlers

After yesterday’s press release from the ASA regarding their new badges for babies and toddlers (See ASA Press Release), we wanted to let you know what impact this has on your CoursePro.

They have added new Discovery Ducking awards, click on ASA Awards for more information.

To add new Levels, please click Adding a Level for instructions.

Duckling 5 has been removed from the scheme.  So how will you remove it from your system and your Portable Devices while preserving your records?

You will need to remove the Level from the Classes that use it.  Please note that doing the following means that no teacher will be able to assess the Duckling 5 competencies.


To do this go to Settings/Courses and, on the right, choose Classes.

Click Edit for each class that uses Duckling 5

Scroll down to the Assessment Section

In the Does Assess box on the right, select Duckling 5 and click the left arrow to move it to the Does Not Assess box

This removes the related competencies from the Overview screen and the Portable Devices.

Just removing the Courses from the Duckling 5 Level will not remove the competencies from the Assessments page and the Portable Devices.

If you have any questions please contact