My last top tip!

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through CAP2, we were still busy working to help make sure all of our wonderful CoursePro users were ready for the new year! Disclaimer: (There may have been some fun being had in the process)

Hello everyone! Before we get into all the technical stuff, I just wanted to wish those of your celebrating, a very merry Christmas. I hope that you all enjoy the seasonal fun and festivities. We’re so thrilled to work with so many fantastic sports providers, you really do make a difference, and we hope we can continue to help you do so throughout the new year!

So, onto my very last tip of 2017!

This last blog focuses on Replacement Sessions.

The design idea for replacement sessions is that they are not taken in the member’s current class. Instead, the member will receive the chance to attend a different class using their replacement session. Often this will be in the same week as the absence from their normal class.

To begin with, a pre-word from me to say, this is all a bit complex! I hope I’ve made my blog easy to understand for you, but for anyone who needs further information regarding Replacement sessions, we have an entire space set out for this topic on Zendesk here.

One of the major questions we’re faced with regarding Replacement sessions is: Can I add a replacement session onto the end of a member’s top-up period?

So, here goes an answer! 🙂 

The main issue with topping up from a replacement session is that the lessons are technically ‘one-offs’. This means that CoursePro cannot create a top up because the information is only based on a singular class and not the full course the member takes part in.

(The crux of the issue here is in how the top up process works.  It will always look at the most recent active allocation for a class and take the type, payment plan and class details from this information. This works perfectly well for the normal top-up process.The issue here is that replacement sessions are a completely separate allocation.)

If the replacement session is added to the end of a members set of allocations for their normal class, the top up code will only look at their most recent active allocation. Hence, no top-up will be made as the code reads the replacement session’s allocation.

You will be able to override this and top a member up for the class from the main system manually.

Homeportal top ups have a completely different set of code and this cannot handle the top up from a one off session.

One of the biggest tips I can give is to make sure that you book replacement sessions as close to a member’s planned absence as possible. This is because, if a replacement session is not directly after the end of a member’s existing sessions, any top up in the main system will be applied after the replacement session. This means that if their normal allocation ends this week and there is a gap of a week or two before the replacement, this gap will remain and can cause reporting and finance record inaccuracies.  They may also attend sessions they do not have an allocation for (in their normal class) but won’t be on the register, which of course can cause confusion. Booking replacement sessions close to planned absences is really easy to do and just enables you to keep tight control on all of your members.

I am always happy to hear from customers, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. .

Have a fantastic, festive holiday, I can’t wait to continue working with you throughout 2018!

Sam, .