Knowing me knowing you. Round 3!

Introducing the Cap2 Management team

So far we’ve ticked off our Support team and Development team from the ‘knowing me knowing you’ list!

This time, it’s our Senior Management team who get to say hello!

As part of the Jonas Software group of companies, Cap2 have one of the highest levels of staff satisfaction throughout the organisation. Cap2’s culture of honesty and respect stems down from our 4 strong team of Senior Management who had to answer the toughest of all questions; What’s your favourite film of all time!?

GM, Daniel Haywood

‘It’s got to be Forrest Gump – I have to be honest, I spend more time chasing around after my two kids than watching films, but I’ve watched this film time and time again; I love the way he goes on a journey and despite his set backs succeeds at everything he does!’ 

‘I was once a Cap2 customer, so the transition to working for them and leading the company was an easy choice. The team here are fantastic and always maintain their fair, generous and happy disposition. The culture that we possess at Cap2 is so important because we genuinely care about each other and our customers. As we grow, that culture only strengthens.’

Sales/Marketing Manager, Alex Davison

‘I think by far my favourite film is Inception. It’s incredibly clever and makes you think. I had to watch it twice to see everything that’s going on!’

‘I was just the 5th employee to be brought in here at Cap2 and over the last 4.5 years I’ve played a part in most departments of the business. It’s been an amazing journey seeing and helping it grow to become the #1 provider of course management software to the leisure industry.’

Head of Development, Aaron Scollen

‘If you like hitman movies, and you like Natalie Portman, then you’ll love my favourite film of all time, Leon. It’s about a hitman who has to drop everything to look after a 12 year old Portman; the acting, storyline and visuals are incredible and it’s such a stylish film!’

‘I love working here at Cap2. It’s a bright place with enthusiastic people! As head of Development, my team and I are all about helping to make CoursePro easier to use and better for the customers it serves.’

Operations Manager, Sue Enright

‘My favourite film is the 1997 science fiction film Contact starring Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey. I’ve always loved sci fi and I love the realistic portrayal of earth reacting to aliens. The film never presumes to show us what an alien actually looks like which adds more mystique and excitement.’

‘I love working at Cap2 because of the team spirit we’ve got. We genuinely care, which shows in the way we look out for each other and our customers. Caring and honesty are two of our important company values. Plus, our boss respects our work-life balance and it’s importance which makes for a great environment.’

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