Kicked Off Contact Trigger

Available as of this morning, you now have the ability to send a Kicked Off Contact Trigger.
There are 2 ways a member can be removed from a class:

  1. They inform you they are leaving and you click the Leave button and choose when their last class is.  Unsure how to do that? Click How to Leave a Member From A Class for more
  2. A member does NOT top up for their next set of lessons/next term before their final class beings.  CoursePro will remove them from their class, known in CoursePro as Kicked Off

You can now use a Condition in the After a member has left a class Trigger to send a different message to a Leave or  Kicked Off member.

  • Go to Settings > Members > Payment Plans
  • Add a new trigger and choose the “After a member has left a class” trigger (or edit your current leave trigger if you wish)
  • Scroll to the Conditions Section and Add Condition

New Leave Type Condition in Contact Triggers

  • Click the Select a condition type… box and choose Movement Leave Type

New Leave Type Condition in Contact Triggers

  • Choose your operator “is” and choose a Value, “Left” or “Kicked”
  • Click the +Add button

New Leave Type Condition in Contact Triggers

  • In the above example the movement type is set to kicked so only members who have been kicked from a class will be sent this trigger
  • Insert your Email/SMS as normal.  For more on that see How to Add Contact Triggers