How to change prices

We know changing prices for your lessons could happen throughout the year. As we’ve seen a trend in the number of questions around this, we thought we would help by defining how to change a price in the system.

If you plan to increase or decrease a price, you will have to go into the Payment Plan section.

You can access this by going through:

  1. Settings

  2. Members

  3. Payment Plans

  4. And then select Edit on the plan you wish to change


You will then need to scroll down to Prices and Dates and click edit.
Add an end date to the current price. Click done.

NOTE: If you click edit and just change the price here, when a member who has paid the current price is moved. they will be charged the difference of the new price.  E.g. If I top up in November at £10 a lesson for 10 lessons.  You change the price in January to £10.50.  I am moved up a level in February, I will be charged 50p for each of my remaining sessions.


Click Add.  Insert your new price and a Start Date for the price.  Click Done.

NOTE: These dates are related to when you want members to be charged this new price, not necessarily when the classes are running. For example, if next term, January 2017, classes will be £10.50 but your members pay for next term starting in November, these dates must be set for November.payedddd.png
For more info, review our Zendesk guide here.

For any other help, visit our Support page here.