How it all began.

This week we spoke to Joel Chapman  – GLL’s (Better) South West and Wales Manager. Joel was a key part in the creation of Cap2 and was one of the first people to give it the go ahead back in 2009!

At the time, Joel worked for Tone Leisure and was looking for a way to cope with the strain that admin, bookings, top-ups and customer interaction had on the business.

He looked to Pete Walker and Ross Mccaw – two young entrepreneurs with heads for sport and technology. The two would go on to form Cap2 Solutions & help enrollments on CoursePro grow to the 2 million mark!

‘I was involved in assisting the team in developing the initial concept and idea for Coursepro.’

‘I took a very large spider map process drawing to them with an idea on how we were struggling to cope with 1600 parents waving ten week course payment cheques in our faces and how there must be a better way!’

Joel believed in the two young men – and saw that the company he had a hand in bringing together could go much further.

‘It was apparent from day one that both Ross and Pete would add value to the initial idea and process map as throughout the discussions and meetings they both kept adding features and developing ideas which provided real benefit to the business and the customer experience.’

‘My boss allowed me to promote the work that Pete and Ross had done to my contacts within the leisure industry to see if others may be interested in CoursePro once it was developed. I attended several meetings across the South West with Ross to present the concept to leading and forward thinking business development people within the industry. This helped Cap2 get a “springboard” into a wider market place and ultimately to several of the largest UK leisure providers.’

Whilst there were plenty of hills to climb along the way, Joel could see the bigger picture from the start.

‘Our aspiration was to progress pupils at different points in any lesson programme – as opposed to having to wait until week ten of the course.’

‘I felt the product was strong and there was an obvious need for the solution but the stumbling block was getting the product linked with the core leisure management systems such as Gladstone, Legend and Clarity. This was an early barrier to Cap2 but when Russell Crisp ( a Tone Leisure trustee) became involved and saw how to achieve these links the future was always going to be good for the company.’

The company may have achieved unprecedented success within the Sports and Leisure industry, but Joel believes there is more to come!

‘My view would be that the principles within this software application should be able to be applied to any type of course structure, even outside of the leisure industry altogether!’

And with a 2017 plan committed to innovation and improvement – we at Cap2 are also confident that CoursePro can only improve on into the future.

We’d like to thank Joel for taking the time to talk to us, and wish everyone at GLL (Better) all the best for 2017! For more information on GLL (Better) you can visit their website here.

And for an in depth look at the Cap2 story, visit our timeline here.