HomePortal Branding

We know HomePortal to be one of the most important aspects of CoursePro.

It helps you build up your business, save you time, interact with customers and add a USP to the service you provide.

Our HomePortal Branding service is one of the most popular purchasable bolt-ons we supply, with well over 60% of our customers taking up the option.


Currently, your HomePortal front screen is unbranded and will look like this:


With the HomePortal Branding service, we can update and refresh the way your HomePortal appeals to customers:




Your branding is designed specifically for you. It’s bespoke to your business and your needs.

With HomePortal Branding, we:

  • Integrate your website to your HomePortal
  • Create your own bespoke HomePortal site
  • Use your themes, logos, colours & branding to personalise your HomePortal
  • Give a more professional, slick feel to your Sports Club or Leisure Centre’s online presence.


To find out more/ book your HomePortal Branding service click here.

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