HomePortal Branding Review

More than 60% of our customers use the HomePortal Branding Service. That means that well in advance of 1 million members access their HomePortal through their Club’s own personalised gateway.

We wanted to find out why!

We spoke to Anna Strong at Farnborough Fins to find out why the service is so popular.logo-header

‘We decided to have the HomePortal branded as it gives continuity to our customers, they know that they are on a Farnborough Fins Swimming Club site which is very reassuring when they go to put card details in to top up their swimmers.’

And it’s clearly working! Of the Swimming Club’s 2500 members, 86% are using HomePortal on a regular basis – meaning they are in our top 10 HomePortal rankings table , beating off hundreds of other Sports Clubs and Leisure Centres. Something that Anna believes can only benefit the Club.

‘Aesthetically the page is more pleasing to look at and if they are showing friends and family the HomePortal, it’s another great advertising opportunity!’

HomePortal is a fantastic tool because members actively show it off for you! Your pupils and customers want friends and family to see their successes and achievements. It’s free advertising to prospective customers.

Make the most of that opportunity by branding your HomePortal.

Visit http://www.cap2.co.uk/bolt-on-products/ to find out more.