A helpful CoursePro top tip!


As a CoursePro user, sometimes you’ll need to access your customers’ HomePortal. This might be because a customer is having a problem using their site, is disputing a grade, or perhaps has made a mistake which you’d like to check.


CoursePro has a smart way to help you access your customers’ HomePortal sites. By using the ‘Generate Login Token’ tool, you’re able to create a one off password for a customer’s account.


To use this tool simply log in to your CoursePro, click onto members and select the member you wish to view. Scroll down to the HomePortal box and click Generate Login Token.



By doing so, you’ll be given a long token such as:


Copy and paste this token into the HomePortal log in box, alongside the member’s email address.


And hey presto, you’re in! From there, you’ll be able to view all the information that your customer can see which puts you and your centre in a great position to be able to help with any problems or issues that a customer might face.


Neither you nor your staff will be able to make any payment, booking or top-up using this method, it’s simply a great way to see a member’s view of HomePortal and can potentially help you to help your customers.