A great response to Product Ideas

We’re delighted to announce that we’re receiving a great reaction from our new Product Ideas section in Zendesk.

You will know that as a CoursePro customer, you are given use of our virtual Help Desk; Zendesk. It’s primarily there to help and advise you to make the most out of CoursePro. However, we have recently added the new ‘Product Ideas’ section. Over the last two weeks we’ve given you the opportunity to vote and comment on our Product Ideas, so we can ascertain which ideas should be given priority.

We’ve had a great response, with over 100 interactions already, and the new site has only been running for two weeks!


If you haven’t yet voted and intend to, or had not heard about the section, then we encourage you and all of our other customers to join the debate!

You can Join the debate here! For more information on how to use Zendesk, visit our website support section.