We’re delighted to be teaming up with RLSS UK


We’re delighted to announce a new level package for CoursePro, that not only helps improve your offering, but could genuinely improve water safety.

The happy people at Cap2 have been working together with the brilliant team at the Royal Life Saving Society UK to increase CoursePro’s functionality.

As of now, you’ll be able to import the Rookie Lifeguard course into your CoursePro, making it easy to start running Rookie classes.

This means teachers will now be able to record and assess achievements in class using the set Rookie Lifeguard stages.

It will also mean that parents will be able to review their child’s progress at home or on the go using HomePortal.

 As a CoursePro user, you’ll simply need to import the level by going to your Settings tab and clicking Courses. You’ll then see the Rookie Lifeguard option at the top of the levels tab by clicking add new level:

We hope this addition to the CoursePro level packages helps to improve your offering as swim schools whilst bringing lifeguard courses to the front of your agendas!

Mike Dunn, RLSS UK Deputy Director of Education and Research sees great value in CoursePro customers joining the scheme.

“Enjoyed by children and valued by parents, Rookie Lifeguard is extremely popular and we want to encourage more children to take part to learn vital lifesaving skills.

By making it easier for swim teachers to run the course, the addition of the Rookie Lifeguard award to the CoursePro system is a fantastic step to making Rookie Lifeguard accessible to more children across the UK.

For operators, the scheme also helps to build their reputation as socially responsible organisations, while allowing them to generate significant income from their customers.”