Round two: the latest CoursePro Summit!

Last year, for the first time in our eight years as a company, we met 25 customers for the premiere CoursePro Summit…

…And we loved it! So much so, that we knew we had to do it again.

Fast-forward a year, and here we were again at Hogarths Hotel in Solihull, with 25 power-users of CoursePro for a day of training, discussions and sneak-peeks at the future!

Hogarths Hotel Solihull, our venue for the CoursePro Summit!

What does a CoursePro Summit look like?

This year we had a few aims:
– Run it for a full day.
– Focus more on practical training & tips that people could take away.
– Leave more time for Q&A.

This seems easy on paper, but we wanted to make sure it was engaging and fun throughout the day . So we tried our best to avoid standing up and presenting the whole time!

Throughout the day we had four training sessions, two Q&A sessions, and a development preview; presented by Sue and Alex, with John lending a hand (you can learn more about our whole team here!).

Sue presenting our first session of the day!

The four training sessions

In the morning we showed a sneak peek of some new features coming very soon. After a run-through of the features, we asked everyone in the room for feedback, suggestions and improvements. We’d tell you more but…you’ll just have to wait and see!

Sue then held a contact triggers master-class, discussing the options available, and showcasing examples of best-practice. This was followed by a Marketing workshop with John and Alex, aiming to take a look at some of the features in CoursePro and how they can be optimised to help build a relationship with your members.

In the post-event feedback a lot of people went away with Contact Trigger improvements on their to-do list, which was great to see!!

Our final session was voted on by the attendees, as we wanted to make sure we covered what was important to you. Overall the vote came out in favour of ‘Product ideas’ – a group discussion on topics submitted throughout the day.

Part-discussion and part Q&A, we went back home with more than a few ideas from this session; from broad changes, to little adjustments that could be made to improve day-to-day life on CoursePro.

A snap from our 4th session on Product Ideas!

Of course there were coffee (and muffin) breaks abound, with gaps for chatting and networking between attendees.

One of our favourite bits of feedback was from Sam at GCLL: “Getting to talk to other companies about how their sports programme works with CoursePro was invaluable“.

Everyone coming together to share ideas on how to use CoursePro in different ways, and solve common issues, is one of the best bits!

The development preview

Throughout the training sessions, we kept it as interactive as possible; but for the development preview, we really focused on capturing the opinions of the attendees.

What did they think two of the features we’ll be looking at next year, should look like? How did they need to be designed to make them useful for everyone?

Splitting the room into a few groups, we asked attendees (along with at least one of our team) to discuss one of the features; is it appropriate them? What are the must-haves and do-withouts?

Due to the variety of different ways people use CoursePro, this type of discussion is really valuable. We can identify functionality we need to focus on, challenge assumptions we’ve made, and adjust our plans accordingly!

Carey and Sue discussing CoursePro's upcoming developments!

Feedback and the future!

Thanks to all those who sent us feedback on this year’s CoursePro Summit! We’re pleased to announce it got an NPS rating of 67 (scored between +100 & -100), with no negative reviews.

Some of our highlights are:

Very well run again, with a good blend of information and interactive tasks.” – Adam from Springfit.

Informative but not boring – I liked it. We came all the way from Dublin, Ireland – the location was fabulous, and the summit was great.” – Ernesta from Gym Plus.

Great chance to meet the CAP2 team, go over in detail and learn lots more about the system. We will be back with the team next year!” – Chris from Wessex Swim School.

But the NPS surveys aren’t just to hear about what you think went well – but what needs to be improved. Our to-do list for next year therefore includes:

  • Considering different locations around the UK for the next CoursePro Summit (-s? Spoilers…).
  • More information about other activities using CoursePro, and how they adjust it for their needs.
  • Considering separating the summits between customers who only use CoursePro, and those on bridges with other systems.
  • Some form of short 1-to-1’s with members of our team (think speed-dating, but with more CoursePro).


Don’t be a stranger!

We’re still discussing our exact plans for next year, but we’ll definitely be running a CoursePro Summit at least once! Make sure to stay tuned, by following us on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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