Coming Soon………. Automatic Registration for HomePortal

Back in January, we ranked you all in relation to how many members you have registered for HomePortal.
After some feedback from you, we have some new functionality coming very soon.
We have redesigned the Registration Process for HomePortal to make it easier for your members to sign up.


  1. A member books on to a course
  2. They are sent a contact trigger with a link to your HomePortal page
  3. They must then:
    1. Click the Register Now button
    2. Input their Member Number (Card Number)
    3. Input the member’s Date of Birth AND
    4. Email address OR Postcode
    5. Add any more members
    6. Type a password
    7. Tick the Terms and Conditions box
  4. They will then receive an email containing a link that they must click to activate the account.

In The (very near) Future:

  1. A member books on to a course
  2. They are automatically registered for HomePortal & are sent an email with a link to activate their account
  3. They must then:
    1. Input the member’s Date of Birth OR Postcode
    2. If they have a HomePortal account already, they just input their email address/member number and password as normal and add the new member to their account OR
    3. If they do not have an account, they input an email address, choose a password and agree to the Terms and Conditions.


Automatic Registration to HomePortal

Note: If you have HomePortal Branding, it will be applied to this new screen.


This feature is NOT automatic and you must ask us to turn it on.  Please email to sign up for this feature.