Take a look at the case studies below to find out how our partners, customers and friends have revolutionised their courses!


> Tom Daley Diving Academy

As you may know, CoursePro software is used to manage courses for well over 40 different sports and activities. This time, it’s Diving’s turn to take the CoursePro Case Study limelight! We spoke to James Jebb, the head of the Tom Daley Diving Academy run by GLL. The Academy runs lessons for nearly 1000 members across 21 centres, organising lessons and fun holiday camp programmes right through to the elite level of diving.

> Swim with Mark

So what made Swim With Mark’s heads turn when they first saw CoursePro? ‘Home Portal is what made us look at CoursePro in the first place, we feel our customers love the ability to track progress, in a very clear and engaging way. It’s user-friendly and as a small family business, it is quite a unique option to give to customers, which helps us stand out from the competition.’

> Better (GLL) new partnership agreement

CAP2 are pleased to announce a new partnership agreement with GLL (Better). The new partnership means that GLL’s 145+ Leisure Centres that use CoursePro will continue to utilise the software on into the future. With more than 130,000 members taking part in their sporting activities each week, CoursePro has been used to improve their admin, lesson, course, teacher and customer management on a huge scale.

> Active Nation

Active Nation are a charity on a mission to persuade the nation to be active. Running more than 16 leisure centres nationwide, the charity are doing a fantastic job of getting more people more active. As an avid CoursePro user, their scheme teaches more than 7500 children and adults to swim each week.

> Springfit Gymnastics and Trampoline Club

Find out how we helped Adam and the Springfit team save time and effort! CoursePro’s Gymnastics arm has gone from strength to strength in the last few years. The software’s ability to fit seamlessly within the world of pikes, balance beams and trampolines didn’t go unnoticed by Adam Reynolds at Springfit Gymnastics and Trampoline Club. The Club were one of the early gymnastics clubs to adopt CoursePro.

> Pilkington Recs Amateur Rugby League Club

It’s always a privilege to welcome in new types of sports club to the CAP2 family. To make matters even more thrilling, our first ever Rugby League Club couldn’t be much more prestigious! Pilkington Recs, based in St Helens, Merseyside are a well-known and highly successful club, giving the chance for players aged 4 through to adult to love the game.

> CoursePro and MT Academy

Find out how we support MT Academy at their Abbeydale Squash Club site. CoursePro has recently been introduced to one of the world’s most famous Squash Clubs. Abbeydale Squash & Fitness Club is world renowned, having held the British Junior Open (the World Championship equivalent) 22 times.

> The Academy of Tennis

Find out how CoursePro helped the Academy of Tennis move from a paper-business, to a fully digital centre! CoursePro was originally designed to specifically work within the swimming sector. Today, there are over 3 million members enrolled on the system, running classes for over 40 sports and activities. But of course, there always has to be that first! Meet our pioneering, first ever Tennis clients, The Academy of Tennis, Hallamshire in this case study.

> Michael Jamieson Swim Academy

Michael Jamieson: Olympic medallist, public speaker on topics in sport, proud Scotsman… and our newest partner! Michael’s latest project takes him back to his hometown, Glasgow.  In contrast to his competitive past, Michael has started a Learn2Swim programme, and is aiming to improve the journey swimmers take through the sport – back in the community he started in.