A CAP2er abroad! James visits Canada

An inspiring trip of learning, friendship and development across the Atlantic to Toronto.


It’s not very often that you can be up for twenty four hours straight after an eight hour flight across the Atlantic and still have the energy, excitement and passion of a five year old child at Christmas, barely able to sleep because of the excitement of the following day!

Thanks to Jonas Software Group, I’ve had an amazing opportunity and experience that has made me want to jump around in excitement for the entire duration of the trip.

CAP2 is a part of the large and friendly Jonas Software Group. One of Jonas’s key values is to invest in over 2000 of their talented employees by giving them the training, development and education required to excel in the future. I was lucky enough to be selected in the very first Jonas Software Academy which selected around fifty employees with great potential to be future business leaders in the Jonas Software Group.


The Early Bird Catches The Worm


It was 4am on Saturday morning, pitch black outside and only the sound of the roaring traffic from the M4 filled the air. Despite it being so early in the morning, I was awake and ready to go on the trip which would change my views and attitudes forever.

Catching the flight to Toronto, Ontario, Canada at 9AM in the morning and arriving in downtown Toronto at around 1PM after a long eight hour flight, was the first leg in my journey. We were booked into the Le Germain hotel in the centre of Downtown Toronto for the first night, the hotel was something to be amazed by, with its sleek open plan fashionable rooms and light switches which looked like they came straight out of a futuristic Sci Fi movie. Heading into downtown Toronto I started to meet some of the talented individuals which would also be attending the Jonas Software Academy. Many talented individuals were attending the Jonas Software Academy from many backgrounds, departments and countries. It was a great and inspiring opportunity to meet so many people from so many different companies and backgrounds.

Exploring downtown Toronto was an amazing time for me, coming from the countryside where the only views are the endless fields of sheep and cattle, coming to Toronto and seeing the amazing high rise buildings and architecture of an amazing and historical city left me in a state of constant awe and passion for the amazing city.




The next morning I got to explore the city some more, we had the opportunity to have dinner in the CN Tower, however sadly Toronto was suffering from a bad storm which made visibility from the tower slightly tricky! The CN tower was completed in 1976 and up until 2007 was the tallest tower in the world. The tower overlooks downtown Toronto and on its top floor has a high end restaurant for people to enjoy the sights of the city. Heading up in the lift which takes less than 30 seconds to travel over 550 meters, I notice the visibility had improved and during dinner with my colleagues I managed to grab some shots of the city. On the lower floor of the CN Tower there is an area you can stand on a piece of glass and look straight down over 550 meters to the floor, which is not for the faint hearted!


The following day we headed into Orangeville, Ontario to the location that the Jonas Software Academy was being held (Hockley Valley) and we took a bus into the countryside around Toronto to Hockley Valley. We arrived at Hockley valley and were introduced to Barry Symons the CEO of Jonas Software. Barry spoke about the importance of the investment of the staff and the opportunity we have to achieve almost anything!


The event was split over two days and contained workshops and presentations by talented individuals working in Jonas Software. It was a great opportunity to learn about various departments and best practices among the Jonas group. As-well as learning a great deal about the company, it was also a great opportunity to meet and learn from new friends and and colleagues.


Aside from the amazing presentations by many talented people we also had a team building exercise where we had to build a mini golf course out of packaged food products, this caused for some memorable and hilarious moments, over $600 of food afterwards was donated to the food back in Orangeville which would create over 400 meals. Overall it was a great and inspiring time for me and everyone who attended and really showed me how fortunate I am to be in a company who truly cares about its employees.