Cap2 and Zoggs partnership springs new opportunity for Swim Schools

Thanks to CoursePro’s partnership with the swimwear provider Zoggs, we’re giving all of our customers a great new opportunity to benefit from using CoursePro.

We are often told by our customers that CoursePro pays for itself. It saves so much time and effort that the cost of introducing it to their club or centre is a proportionally small one.

Whether that’s reducing the cost of printing for registers and bookings, or the time saved on admin that can now be spent on finding new customers, CoursePro really does help streamline their business.

But CoursePro actually helps you make money too. Through our link and association with the swimwear provider Zoggs, CoursePro enables you to generate extra income.

The partnership brings you the ability to display Zoggs’ adverts on your HomePortal sites.

In return, you’ll earn money for referrals to their online shop. The adverts will be based on the member viewing them – so a stage 6 swimmer will only see adverts relating to their specific level.

Zoggs UK Leisure Sales Manager Darren Lovelock believes the initiative is an exciting new opportunity for Zoggs and Swim Schools alike;

‘The programme is an excellent opportunity for Swim Schools to extend retail performance beyond their current programme. The initiative guides parents into making the appropriate product purchases for their child’s activity, improving the overall customer experience.’

There is no additional cost in technology/labour.  We have aligned all the relevant products with each of the stages of the ASA teaching pathway and so once the system is live, we would expect immediate impact of parents activating product purchases for their child.

This is an option that enables Swim Schools like yours to extend retail performance.  With Cap2 and CoursePro we have a fantastic solution to make convenient and simple online purchases’

Not a CoursePro customer yet? Find out more about the software here, or get in touch for your free demo.

Already a CoursePro user? Here’s how to set-up your Zoggs adverts:


In order to make the most of our partnership, you’ll need to;

  • Head to Here you can fill out their contact form, requesting to display Zoggs adverts on your CoursePro HomePortal.
  • Once you’ve done this and reached an agreement with Zoggs, you’ll be given a partner tracking code – be sure to make note of this, as it’s your way to collect referral fees!
  • You’ll need to log-in to CoursePro through your Administrative account, navigate to Settings > My Account and click the new features button on the right side of the page.

  • You then need to click ‘Manage Zoggs advertising’ and tick the subsequent ‘Enable Adverts’ box. Fill out your partner code in the box below and click save!

For more information on setting up your Zoggs advertising, visit the link here to our Zendesk article.

We hope this opportunity is of interest to you and helps to bring some extra revenue for your business!