Cap2 join forces with ukactive


ukactive is the UK’s leading not-for-profit body for physical activity, working with over 4,000 members and stakeholders across the UK. They champion the fun, enjoyment and benefits of being active and facilitate big impact partnerships across the public and private sector.



As part of Cap2’s ongoing efforts to improve the way Sports Clubs are run, we are delighted to announce our membership of the organisation.


Our leading product, CoursePro, is the market leading sports course software for Leisure Centres, Swim Schools, Tennis Clubs and hundreds of other Sports Providers. The software helps improve the way that courses are run and has more than 2.6 million members enrolled on the software. The product’s interactivity is helping to improve take-up and retention at clubs and centres worldwide.



Cap2 GM Daniel Haywood thinks the partnership with UK active is an important step.


‘Becoming a member of ukactive is an example of our commitment to improving participation. Whilst CoursePro is often used within admin to help reduce workload for teachers, it’s also a great interaction tool as parents and pupils can actively track their progression and this often drives an increase in attendance.’


‘We believe that technology has a vital role to play in the future of sport, and with our product now helping to improve the way 1000s of sites worldwide are running their sports lessons and activities, our membership of ukactive is part of this commitment. We want to use our state of the art technology to help get more people, more active more often!’


‘With more and more rivals to compete with, encouraging participation in sport is of huge importance. Stats like 1 in 3 children in the UK are overweight, and 68% of Primary school children don’t meet the recommended level of fitness for their age group is hugely concerning. Working in tandem with ukactive, who help to link the organisations together who can change these worrying statistics means that we’re in a better place than ever to maximise the positive result of using CoursePro in clubs and centres throughout the UK.’


And with an ever increasing number of sporting customers, users, members enrolled and partners, we like to think that Cap2 and CoursePro are bringing the worlds of tech and sport closer together than ever before.


Follow the link here to find out more about ukactive.


If you’re not already a CoursePro user, find out more about the industry revolutionising software here.