Bringing sport and technology closer together

CoursePro is our leading product here at Cap2 Solutions. Its ability to transform the way sports clubs run and manage every aspect of their business, from administration to customer communication has seen it become the revolutionary market leading product that thousands of sites worldwide are now using.

CoursePro started off life as a purely swimming related product, partnerships with organisations such as Swim England and Zoggs have seen the product push the Learn to Swim industry in a new direction with technology at the forefront of its widespread appeal.

Cap2 Solutions

Having already changed the path of swimming lessons, other sports providers such as Tennis, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Football, Athletics, Golf and various other types of sports clubs are now moving towards CoursePro in order to improve the way their organisations schedule lessons, deal with bookings, assessments, grading and waiting lists.

CoursePro’s multi-functionality is a major reason for its success, to find out more about its features, click here.