Better (GLL) new partnership agreement
Case Study


CAP2 are pleased to announce a new partnership agreement with GLL (Better).

The new partnership means that GLL’s 145+ Leisure Centres that use CoursePro will continue to utilise the software on into the future. With more than 130,000 members taking part in their sporting activities each week, CoursePro has been used to improve their admin, lesson, course, teacher and customer management on a huge scale.
We spoke to GLL’s Business Sales Manager, Ibrahim Mehmet regarding the new long-term partnership.

‘CoursePro has provided GLL’s Lessons & Courses booking functionality since 2012. The partnership has gone from strength to strength and the future looks positive with further developments on the way.

The long term partnership allows GLL to plan for the future and brief larger business developments into CoursePro’s technical team, which supports the continued growth of Lessons & Courses.

CoursePro is the leading course booking system. Its functionality and flexibility of what the system can do won us over in 2012 and we haven’t looked back since.’

It’s not just CoursePro’s Booking system that has been a key feature of GLL’s lessons & courses. Whilst they themselves have grown since 2012, the system has evolved with them.

‘CoursePro has evolved since we first used the system in 2012, with ongoing developments to their platform ensuring the customer is put first, while also ensuring the system works efficiently for us as an operator.

It has transformed GLL Lessons & Courses business model allowing a smoother and more efficient journey for the member, as well as improving service and customer communication.’

GLL’s high praise for CoursePro’s functionality and growth coincides with the products reliability and capability across a huge variety of sports.
‘CoursePro is very reliable, The flexibility of developments and ongoing customer support is what makes the difference.

GLL fully embrace CoursePro and aim to use the system for all Lessons & Courses as well as other products such as one to ones and Birthday Parties. Altogether we have over 80+ different types of sports or products used on the system.’

Part of the success of CoursePro has come through its customer portal site; HomePortal. Home Portal’s ability to transform booking systems into a modern, neat, customer interaction tool is something that has proved popular at GLL.

‘HomePortal allows our customers to review live progress, book additional lessons or even top up current courses. Due to the interaction between CoursePro and HomePortal our customers can review pupil progress online which aids retention and acts a  good customer service tool.  
One way for us to communicate with our 130,000 members is by using HomePortal which is why we do our best to promote it to our members.’

One of the key reasons for CoursePro’s success, is its ability to help improve retention – something it has enabled at GLL beyond expectation.

‘When GLL introduced Course Pro in 2012 it changed our business.