Active Nation

Active Nation 
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Active Nation are a charity on a mission to persuade the nation to be active. Running more than 16 leisure centres nationwide, the charity are doing a fantastic job of getting more people more active.

As an avid CoursePro user, their scheme teaches more than 7500 children and adults to swim each week.
We spoke to Active Nation’s Commercial Director Dave Rolls about the significance of CoursePro.
‘Partnering with CoursePro has enabled our business to be more efficient, allowing us to drastically reduce our team’s admin time, which has allowed them to concentrate more on our supporter journey and the swimmers development.
Swimming is a life long journey and it allows an opportunity to help keep young people and adults physically active, the system has given our supporters valuable insight into their individual progress which has resulted in them swimming for longer at our facilities.
This increased visit frequency has seen us grow participation year on year and improve our retention within the scheme. CoursePro has been a vital partner to the charity over the last 18 months in supporting our mission to persuade the nation to be active.’

Group Supporter Relationship Manager, Cara Cushnie added:
‘Originally we were on pen and paper registers. CoursePro has made a huge improvement to our supporter experience. Teachers and swim co ordinators are extremely happy they have Course Pro to effectively manage their swim schools again.’

Active Nation
CoursePro can be broken down by its 4 segments
Home Portal
Where parents/customers use their own personal site for bookings, moving lessons, reviewing achievements and much more.
Teacher Portal
An app that can be used on a Teacher/Coach’s phone/iPad during a lesson to mark, assess, register and gain insight into a class.
Control Centre
A virtual reception for sports clubs to manage and administer all courses, schedules, staff and members.
Reports Centre
Where Clubs can run reports, detailing almost any aspect of their organisation.
Cara believes each part of CoursePro is vitally important.
‘There isn’t anything else on the market (talking from experience) that has anywhere near the functionality CoursePro does. Home Portal was one of the main contributing factors in coming back to CoursePro as it’s essential for the parents to see progress. The Teacher Portal, Control Centre and Reports Centre are all great. They’re easy to use and understand and very helpful.’ Cap2; the happy people behind the helpful software are committed to continually improving the functionality and ability of CoursePro, something that Cara sees as vital; ‘Continual improvements are very important, the product must always be improving to keep up with business needs. I see Cap2 & Active Nation’s future together as very prosperous, very much so.’
For more information on Active Nation, you can visit their website below.
Active Nation