A Guide to Reports – How to make them more specific for you

At our help desk, we get a lot of questions about Reports.  So we thought, for our first post of the New Year, we should share with you a guide to reports.

There has been new reporting functionality in CoursePro since the middle of last year, newer customers will know about it already. However, for those of you who haven’t seen the new reports or would like to know more about them, read on….

The main idea behind the new reports was to make reporting more flexible, allowing you to choose the fields you want and filter your reports, by Centre, Course, Level, Teacher and many more. This allows you to make your reports as specific as you need them to be.

New Reports from CoursePro

A Screen Shot of the New Reports Suite

Go to Reports – A Guide to view a step by step guide on our helpdesk site.  There’s also a downloadable .pdf (2.3mb) document available there. This details the available reports and the fields and filters used with each.

NB: The “old reports” are not being supported any longer.  This means that any problems in those reports, resulting from new updates to the system, will not be fixed and we cannot guarantee their accuracy. The solution is to start using the new reports.  If in doubt email support@cap2.co.uk.