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CoursePro was created in 2009 by two young men who had that eureka moment!

Whilst sat poolside at their local leisure centre, they realised that there was a need for a software that could be used by sports teachers, receptionists, parents and pupils to make running a sports course a less painful experience.

Since that day, CoursePro has grown to encompass more than 3 million members and is used at hundreds of sites throughout the world. For truly Unforgettable Software isn’t it time for you to join the herd…
Cap 2 swimming
Centres are spending less time on admin.
"CoursePro helps no-end, it’s easy to use for both our staff and our customers. Customer satisfaction has increased a lot and it really sets us apart from our rivals."
The logo for Hallamshire Academy of Tennis.
Jason Torpey
Hallamshire Academy of Tennis

Cut down on the admin and get back to what’s important – your club and your members!

  • Comes with a Teacher Portal app, that your instructors can easily use to mark registers, assess students, follow teaching plans and more.

  • HomePortal tracks progress, feedback and lessons for students, giving you a direct connection to your members and freeing up your teacher’s time.

  • Everything is centralised within the Control Centre, the flexible and functional heart of CoursePro that acts as your virtual reception.
"GLL have used CoursePro since 2012 and now operate the system in over 180 sites across the UK for a variety of sports such as swimming, gymnastics, football and even Nordic walking! Our teachers love using the handheld devices to record registration & attainment which in turn results in happier customers; as they can review progress of pupils in their own time via the HomePortal."
Ibrahim Mehmet
GLL | Better